Painting Restoration

Paintings that need cleaning but are in good general condition are carefully cleaned and varnished. Paintings that are in need of other repairs are cleaned at the appropriate time in their restoration with varnishing being the final step. We repair torn paintings with linen patches, which we apply with a special wax. The tear is then re-painted to match. Severely damaged paintings, paintings that are losing paint, or paintings with rotten original canvas are re-lined using this technique, repairing any tears, catching and adhering the painting’s chips, and providing new support. When needed, we can also professionally in-paint (re-paint) missing or weathered portions of your painting.

Frame Restoration

Frames needing restoration are first stabilized and then cleaned, and then we cast new ornaments to replace missing parts. After proper preparation, we then gild the new parts, and tone down the coating to match if possible. If the original gilding is beyond repair, the entire frame can be gilded and toned. Real gold leaf, metal leaf or bronzing powder are used for gilding according to the circumstances and the customer’s wishes.

Molds and Gilding

We are able to make molds and castings of architectural pieces and moldings. We also regild, with real gold or metal, architecturals and furniture .


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