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Why Choose Us

Our framing consultants have backgrounds in art and have been with us for an average of eight years. They are trained to provide a full spectrum of design services, and to ensure you go home with the perfect frame.

Conservation Framing

Some artwork requires special handling and framing to preserve the integrity of the piece. The Frame Factory carries a variety of conservation materials, such as museum-quality matting and ultraviolet protective glass.


Interior designers, architects, decorators, artists and galleries choose to work with us because we are uniquely qualified to deliver exceptional framing and service that you can’t get anywhere else.

Corporate Framing

The Frame Factory consultants can assist you with your corporate framing needs – large or small. We can frame a single piece and recommend framing and installation options. Complete re-framing and repair services are available as well.

Volume Framing

We provide volume-framing services for venues ranging from sports stadiums to large corporations. Our 500 square metre production facility is equipped to handle any job quickly and professionally

Art restoration is an art in itself. We have long-standing relationships with top conservators, and we work with them on a weekly basis. We can arrange restoration and archival framing of canvases, paper, textiles and more.

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